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Punishment from the Burando Gods!!!

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Jul. 3rd, 2014 | 04:22 am

So, the universe let me know in no uncertain terms that ordering a replica of a Baby dress will immediately be punished. Let me give myself some defense here. The print I want came out last year and I honestly don't see anyone selling it as there are, to my knowledge, four unicorn themed prints in all of Lolita existence. So, I thought about it.. and then I was like, eh, might as well. I just won't wear it to any meet-ups or formal functions. Problem solved. I placed my order on April 4th with a Taobao site that I won't name simply because they're very nice and I've had pleasant transactions with them and would maybe like to again depending on the resolution of the current issue. I received an email saying that the customization fee on my petticoat should have been fourteen dollars more so I immediately go pay it. A few weeks go by and my order still says processing. I contact the store and they say, Oh, we'll check on that immediately. And, they did. It was nice. My order got shipped right after that and it got here extremely fast. I ordered four items this time around.. kind of all pertaining to a coordinated look I wanted to achieve.. and three of four are exactly what I wanted.... But the fourth is a knock-off Hell. I ordered a replica of BtSSB's Unico in Bloomland. What I received is a very poorly planned knock-off of A Midsummer Night's Dream by AaTP. The bodice isn't right, the print is off and when the skirt fabric was cut, it was upside down and they sew it on that way. Y'know, because upside-down butterflies and windows aren't totally obvious or anything like that. Be loved because you are, Ten-chan '

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