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weird dreams...

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Mar. 31st, 2013 | 01:56 am
location: home
mood: paranoid
music: Why Don't You Do Right by Peggy Lee

So, in the past few days, I've watched Crybaby, played Kingdom Hearts and worked a lot of hours in between doin that other stuff. Hopefully, that's enough to explain this strange dream I had.

My dream started out with me working in Layaway and my unborn son was 3 years old in the dream. I'd lost my baby weight and was pretty well committed to rocking a semi pinup style look whenever I could. I was working the layaway counter at work which let me know it was a dream because I vowed to never do that shart again. It sucks ass. But, in the dream one of the photo lab ladies we'll call Merry had actually taken the ZMS overlord position because the current ZMS had retired and her words were, well... why not get paid for what I do all the time? I'm not saying he doesn't work by the way.. just that in the dream those were her opinions. He actually works really hard and is very good with customers. I adore him. I hope he doesn't retire soon. I'd be quite sad.. carryin on.. Working layaway with me was Axel from Organization 13 .... but if he looked less like an anime and more like a punk ginger dude. He was dating a girl from the nearby Hardware Dept and he asked our supervisor Merry if she could come work the layaway counter with him for ten minutes so he could see her as they worked opposite shifts and hardly had overlapping time.
She felt bad for him and said yes, but then because I was there and we can't have more than two working layaway at a time, she sent me to face Dairy. I don't know why. I think that was a throwback from Homeland... cos I faced Dairy every night when I worked O/Ns there. So I go and I face for like ten minutes on the yogurt/juice/butter wall area and the next thing I know, this girl I work with named Betty who would like to be a CSM in the future and is a CSM in my dream pops up next to me and says, "Girl, they've been looking for you!" So I said, "Who?" She responded, "Management has been on the radio looking for you because Merry said you wandered away!" I say, "She sent me over here to face ten minutes ago......I'm going to the office. This will be handled.." and then she laughs... and that's usually how we talk so yeah.
I get back to the office and it was the tiny office that we only use if the much larger office is already occupied and this new manager who'd only been working for two weeks was there and he tried to get all ugly about me wandering away and slacking off at work, but I got really up in his face and told him where I was, what I was doing, and why I was doing it. So he's like, ..."Oh, ...sit down for a minute. I need to get you calmed down before I send you back out." I sit down and he says, "I noticed you have been distracted lately. Can you explain that to me?" And at first I was like, wth he talkin bout?.. so he continues, "It's worse when you work with Axel." I laughed and said, "Oh yeah, I don't think he's cute or anything like that. He's about ten years younger than me. I'm usually thinking his name reminds me of a character from a video game and also that I hate his name because it's like my son's name.. but less awesome." And he says, "OK, tell me what video game?" "Kingdom Hearts." He then asks me to explain what that is so I do my best to give a quick explanation. So then he says, "So... that's nice and all, but why do you look the way you do?" I respond, .....wut? He elaborates with regards to my eyebrows, my rouge and my lipstick. I explain to him the classical look my grandmother wore that I like to recreate on myself. And for those of you who don't know.. I don't so much like the pin up look as the whole 1950s look. It's just easier to say pin-up. But because I've gotten in trouble for rocking a red lip at work before, I became fairly defensive again. So he stops my quiet ranting about the stagnant oppression of that place with a quick, "I was just gonna say I liked it!"
And, that effectively shut me up. So he continues, "So, would you like to grab a drink or something sometime? I don't mean I want to take you to the bar, just that I'd like to go somewhere with you." I immediately said, "THIS IS A TRAP!" and promptly spun around to see if there was another manager just waiting to fire me for "flirting" but there's nobody there and he looks vaguely hurt by my trap comment. So, I think about his offer.. he's not my direct boss. He's not a troll. I'm not dating anyone and he does have a job... that's pretty good. So I make a big production of looking at my watch and say, "I think, Sir, that you should ask me that again in three hours and fifteen minutes in the employee parking lot when I'm off the clock. You know, just to be on the legit side." And then I got up and did like an Old West style swag out of the office. And.. promptly woke up feeling paranoid as hell that it was a trap. Cause if that's not frakkin weird, I don't know anymore what is.

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