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dead girls are easy...

...tell that to a vampire!

Ms. Poe
7 August 1985
Pong anyone?
1x2, alice 19th, alice pleasance liddell, ancient languages, angels, ani difranco, anita blake, aradia, aristocracy, army-fetish, astrology, avatar fanart, avatar: the last airbender, avatar:the last airbender, azumanga daioh, bdsm, blindfolds, byoma, candles, catoptrophobia, cellos, cerunnos, chakras, charles lutwidge dodgson, chobits, chrono crusade, clamps, corpse bride, countess elizabetre bathory, d/s, damien rice, dancing, danny elfman, dante alighieri, david & lee eddings, demonology, demons, dn angel, donnie darko, dragons in manhattan, eastern culture, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, ega, egl, eldest, eragon, fanart, fanfictions, fatal frame, final fantasy, flirting, fransesca lia block, freyja, ghost hunting, ghosts, godchild, hair dye, herbology, hgxdm, hgxss, hp slash, hp/dm, insomnia, ireland, jhonen vasquez, ju on, junko mizuno, kaori yuki, kirie, knives, laurell k. hamilton, le tigre, legend of zelda, lewis carroll, love hina, maburaho, martial arts, masks, medi-fetish, mirrors, miyuki-chan in wonderland, mythology, narcolepcy, negima, nightmare before christmas, odin, paranormal investigations, parapsychology, past lives, pianos, pillows, pita ten, planet ladder, plastik wrap, plugs, poltergeists, pony play, pyrophobia, red hair, ringu anthology, roman dirge, rping, rufus wanewright, runes, s&d, sephiroth, shirahime syo, si, silent hill, siren, sokkara, spooky stuff, survival horror games, suza scalora, swings, swords, tails, taps, tarot, thor, tim burton, tori amos, tw**cest, uke & seme, violas, violins, wicca, wild arms, witch hunter robin, writing poetry, writing stories, youma, zutara


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